Thursday, October 23, 2008

the business of coffee

Pants and I went to Lambertville today to work on our business plan for the coffee shop we are working towards opening.  What an awesome, cute, and friendly town!  We ate lunch at a totally yumma japanese restaurant and had chocolate shaped like little coffee cups for desert.  We saw a lot of interesting antique shops and I would have spent all day drooling over lovely items I can not afford had it not been for the task at hand.  We walked into one coffee shop and right out, we both agree that flavored coffee is not ok, it is bad and wrong and we will not drink coffee at a shop who thinks it is ok to serve it cos it is not.  Choosing to not even enter a couple other shops  we walked past another coffee shop it seemed like a well enough spot but it was located right near where we parked and we had plans of checking it out on our way out of town, this did not happen.  I didn't feel like any of the shops we had seen really had the vibe and the level of knowledge of the bean we were hoping to find, that is until we came across...or rather walked all the way across town at the nudging of my boss to Rojos Roastery.  Holy shit, this is a freakin amazing shop, everything is just beautiful.  One look at this place and you couldn't help but know they meant business, a giant beautiful drum roaster in one corner surrounded on both sides by shelves of raw coffee beans all the way to the very high ceiling.  A menu that included 5 different ways to have your coffee made to order, not including the espresso machine option!  I was happy as a pig in shit and had three drinks while Pants and I sat attempting to make some progress on our business plan.  ugh, what a huge task.  He is playing his new pirate game on the xbox and I am so very comfortable snuggled up with the laptop on the couch.  Me go now. xoxoxo

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