Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing...

  Yucka to all the tears, all the heartbreak, all the questions, and all the time I have wasted.   Yucka to all the nights I didn't sleep because I was asking the impossible of myself!   Yucka to allowing myself to believe I'm not good enough!  Yucka to my belief that there is something wrong with me! I have worked too hard to get healthy and find happiness in my life to settle now.  Yucka because I do love him, and he does love me but he isn't the one.  Yucka to me for throwing the truth back in his face over and over again...yucka. noey. this sucks. 

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j.cro said...

You can do this. I know you can. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. Don't be scared - there are lots of people who love you around to help.

PS - my word verification is "sappi" - ironic huh?