Saturday, April 18, 2009

ewie yucka!

The sunshine came today.  I laid in my bed wondering why it was so very warm under my covers.  It was my sleep in day so I did not realize that the world outside was warm and sunny until I was on my way to work...the sunshine also brought with it visitors to my beloved Asbury Park.  I love that people want to come to Asbury, I love it here so it makes sense that others would love it too...however I would like to send a message to these visitors; Some of us choose to live here year round and year round we respect each other, we follow the very simple rules of the road that actually don't differ much than the rules of the road where you come from.  Oddly enough a blinking yellow stop light means proceed with caution in Asbury Park, where you come from it seems to mean stop at the light and think about if you want to turn left for 30 seconds and then decide against it.  We also have these strange two wheeled and no wheeled travelers around our small beach community, we call them Ped-es-tree-ions and we actually don't try to run them over or cut them off by turning right in the bike lane...I know they are annoying but come and visit in the winter, there are far fewer to annoy you.  Here in Asbury Park we park on an angle when the white lines are perpendicular at a slight angle, it seems that where you are from you park parallel to the curb crossing over the performentioned white lines.  I understand that there are cultural differences between Staten Island and the Jersey Shore but please work with us we want you to enjoy yourselves.  Where you come from i'm sure it is the norm to order a 40 dollar lunch and not leave a tip and thats ok, however here at the Shore when someone takes your order, prepares the food, brings it to you with a smile, and then cleans up after you and your so cute but very messy children we usually leave a small gratuity, crazy, I know!!  Again, we love that you want to come and visit and at the very least please try to use these simple words to make your summer and ours most enjoyable, PLEASE and THANK YOU, you will be amazed at how we respond to these few simple words, if you have trouble pronouncing them we will be more than willing to teach you.   Thank you for your time, and please enjoy your time here in Asbury!  xoxoxo

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j.cro said...

Wait til you get asked if you'd like a straw with that?
Oh boy!